Guidelines for Submissions

At the present time, we are not accepting new proposals for music or videos, except by invitation. We are accepting book proposals which are consistent with our overall publishing agenda as stated on our home page.

If you would like for Adoration Publishing to consider publishing a book that you are writing, do not initially send us a copy of the book draft. Instead, please prepare a book proposal for our consideration. You can lay out your proposal as you think best, but be certain to include the typical elements such as a brief summary of your book, a short biography of the author, list of potential endorsers, and who you see to be the targeted readers. Explain some of your marketing strategies, why your book is unique, a sample chapter or two. Include why you are a great person to write this book, and your anticipated date of completion. Please include all your contact information.

Submit your book proposal only via email to  We will acknowledge its receipt, and you will have a response to your proposal within thirty days. If you have not heard from us about your book proposal, please send a follow-up email.

At the present time, we are not accepting proposals for the following areas except by invitation of Adoration:

Children’s books
Popular psychology that does not connect directly with Christian theology
Fiction that does not illustrate explicit biblical truth
Sermon collections


We have a particular interest and welcome new books in the following areas:

Christian spiritual formation
Historic and emerging theology
Christian history that sheds light on current culture
Christian lifestyle that impacts one’s work ethic
Fresh Biographies of Christians who have positively impacted the Christian community
New analysis for biblical studies from either the Old Testament or New Testament
Individual worship and community (corporate) worship
A wide variety of other subjects that can contribute to authentic Christian living.


We reserve the right to refuse to publish any works for any reason of our choosing.